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  • ‘’Iće i piće’’ (Food and beverages), October 2007

    “The fact that their business is secured for the years to come proves the ingeniousness of the Karlić family. Near their home, on a land surface of approximately 8000 m2 they have raised a plantation of approximately 300 oak trees to enable the spreading of the black truffle habitat.”

  • Magazine about the making and the makers, number 11/winter 2007.

    “Our generous hosts welcomed us with nothing less than truffles at their Istrian estate Karlić in a small tavern (konoba) where we all gathered in order to offer our aggregate buyers an unforgettable and above all rare experience – hunting for the ''Istrian gold''.”

  • Jutarnji list (Morning Paper), June 2008

    ““...the owner of the restaurant in Kastav named ''Kukuriku'', Nenak Kukurin, who has just returned from Rome where he and his chef , Robert Kličković, triumphed in a cooking show on RAI 1, says that the truffles he uses to prepare his dishes are bought exclusively from his truffle supplier Goran Karlić...”

Company info
  • Company name and head office

    Gir d.o.o.
    Paladini 14
    52420 Buzet

  • Commercial Court

    Company is registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Rijeka under number Tt-05/1468-2.
    MBS: 040133568
    Capital Stock: 20.000,00 kn
    Members of the Board: Radmila Karlić
    Bank: Erste & Sterimerkische Bank d.d. Rijeka
    Bank account: 2402006-1100376257

Who are we

A grandfather,a mother, grandchildren and dogs.The truffle business of the Karlić family from Paladini near Buzet was established last century by Mr Ivan Rašpolić, in 1966 to be exact. Back then Motovun forest was quite bigger than today. Both white and black truffles found in that area were considered to be among the best quality truffles in Istria. However, one of the richest truffle fields now lies at the bottom of the Butoniga lake!

Mrs Radmila Karlić used to go truffle hunting with her father Ivan ever since she was ten years old.

This passion never faded and so from 1994 on, together with her husband Goran, and now with the help of her children as well, through a company named GIR, she continued the tradition that her father Ivan, mother Danica, and uncle Lucijano established investing a lot of effort in the process.

With the help of their 12 dogs (7 first-rate dogs, 5 dogs currently undergoing training), some of which are mix-breeds (their extensive practical experience has taught them these dogs are more resilient to diseases, rain and low temperatures), and some are pure breed dogs, the family goes on daily truffle hunts. There is no fixed working schedule meaning any member of the family may go truffle hunting with the dogs, be it the son, the mother or the father; the crucial thing is, of course, to maintain a daily training routine for both the family and the dogs.

The longstanding experience of the Karlić family in truffle harvesting which has been passed over from generation to generation resulted in the establishment of the company GIR d.o.o. (Goran and Radmila) in 1994, a company that commits itself to truffle hunting with great dedication, through buying up and selling of fresh and frozen truffles, as well as processing and launching of the products in the domestic and international markets. Let us introduce to you our treasure – the truffle, a gastronomic delight in all its various forms.

In addition to our gastronomic offer, and upon a request from you, we can arrange a tasting session of our products and an unforgettable truffle hunting adventure with us as your guides. Treat yourself to our products and buy a surprise gift for you loved ones.

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